Hi there! πŸ‘‹ My name is Andrew. I enjoy solving challenging problems, usually by programming a solution. My interests include education, guitar, fitness, food, and fantasy literature. I am currently studying Mathematics and Computer Science at NAU.

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🏫 BS, Mathematics | Minors: Computer Science + Statistics

🌡 Northern Arizona University | Flagstaff, AZ

πŸŽ“ Graduating in Spring ‘25

Work Experience

πŸ’» Content Manager | Web Dev | SEO

πŸ§‘β€πŸ³ Restaurant Manager | Chef

🏨 Resort + Hotel Manager

See my resume for detailed work experience.


Pure Recipe 🍞

A terminal program to quickly bypass the junk that plagues most recipe websites. Users can view ad-free recipes in the terminal or save the output to a markdown file. Works for dozens of recipe websites.

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The Game of Life 🧬

A terminal-based implementation of John Conway’s Game of Life. The ‘game’ plays itself, simulating an evolving cellular world. This is a classic example of cellular automata, mathematical modeling, and artificial life.

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Flavor Pairings Web App πŸ₯‘

A Flask web app that provides flavor pairing advice based on a user’s inputted ingredient. Utilizes Python, Flask, HTML, and CSS. The program takes in a large collection of food data, cleans and organizes it, and provides the user with accurate, well-formatted recommendations.

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Programming — Python | C | Java | HTML | CSS | Git | Flask | Hugo

Essentials — Leadership | Clear Communication | Problem-Solving

Other — Guitar | Piano | Cooking | Gardening | Photography